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Hello. My name is Cary Michael Robinson, and to design is my desire.


Breaking away from the socially accepted “norm” that my colleagues created for me, I found an outlet through art and design, having sacrificed a "promising" career in the field of engineering to boldly pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from Florida A&M University. 

Concerned with understanding the intricate system involved in designing products or services, I stumbled upon the Design Management program at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I received a Master of Arts degree in November 2011. While in the graduate program, I have managed several design processes in a number of multidisciplinary teams, developed and enhanced a multitude of new design skills and have met some of the world’s most remarkable and talented designers, some of whom I am very fortunate to call my friends. 

Being exposed to environments that stimulated my ability to think creatively led me to continue to follow the path as a commercial designer. Because I enjoy cultivating an idea’s essence and synthesizing and visualizing complex issues, I aim to utilize creativity in the context of everything that I do – from garnishing a plate of food, to arranging clothing items to create an outfit. 


Your life is like a canvas…

Paint your own path…

Design your own destiny.

- cary michael


My freelance business, Sincerely, Cary Michael (SCM) Design Solutions aims to fulfill the needs and requests to ANY situation each client may be experiencing, providing designs that are both free from pretense and sincere in value. Operating from this platform allows me to interact with real people by providing real solutions to real problems, which in turn, keeps my design skills fresh and current.

My ultimate desire is to fulfill my purpose of promoting social change and improving the quality of life of others through the effective use of creativity in all endeavors. With the combination of professional and educational experiences, I absolutely believe that my role as a designer in society is unique and that continuing my passionate pursuit for the arts will result in a rewarding career and future. 

Looking for a unique and talented designer to help cultivate your ideas? Shoot me an e-mail or phone call today!


Much love,

Cary Michael


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